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CableBuds versus BlueTooth


CableBuds versus BlueTooth

What are the best headphones - wired or Bluetooth? There are many advantages of using wired earphones over Bluetooth earphones. The only disadvantage is wires - CableBuds free you from the problem of dangling wires by securing them to clothes, giving you the advantage of wired earphones without the problem of dangling cables. CableBuds - No Dangle No Tangle.



  • Price

    The most obvious advantage of using CableBuds with wired earbuds over using Bluetooth earbuds is quite simply price. A typical set of Bluetooth earphones begin at $150. CableBuds are under $10 and can be used with any wired earbuds, earphones or headphones of your choice.

  • Battery Life

    Bluetooth earphones have a limited battery life - CableBuds battery never goes flat as they don't use batteries, they simply work with your favorite wired earbuds. Wired earbuds also don’t have the weight of a battery hanging from your ears.

  • Choice

    CableBuds allow you to choose your favorite brand of earbuds, earphones and headphones and enhances them while addressing the issue of wires that flap and dangle by connecting them to clothes. Bluetooth forces you to a limited range of earphones and headphones and add many restrictions that do not exist with wired earbuds, earphones and headphones. CableBuds fix the dandling cable issue making them the clear choice over Bluetooth earphones.

  • Audio Quality

    Due to the nature of a Bluetooth earphones and their wireless broadcast of sound, they produce inferior sound to wired earbuds. CableBuds allow you to use wired earbuds by freeing you from dangling wires, giving you the best of both worlds - freedom of movement without dangling wires and best sound quality because of wired earphones.

  • Weight

    CableBuds have been designed to be lightweight and weigh less than a quarter of an oz. This is less than the weight of the batteries required in Bluetooth earphones, let alone the weight of the earphones. CableBuds are in fact so light, you will forget you are wearing them. This is very relevant if you are looking for running headphones.

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